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The Frederick County Progressives exists to empower communities to act for social and economic justice by developing leaders, cultivating allies, and building grassroots power to advance economic, racial, and environmental equity for the benefit of all people in Frederick County and Maryland. We also pledge to support efforts to increase the participation of progressive voters in state and local affairs. To these ends, the Frederick County Progressives shall work to advance causes and issues the address the needs of Frederick County residents, encourage residents’ civic engagement, and assist in the election of progressive candidates to local, state, and national office in order to expand resources and opportunities for the benefit of Frederick County residents. 

 The values of Frederick County Progressives include, but are not limited to: anti-racism, economic justice, grassroots democracy, disability rights, community uplifting education, intersectionality, social justice and anti-oppression, political independence, gender and LGBTQ+ equity, sustainability, inherent human dignity, future-focused, nonviolence, community-centered, and environmental justice.


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    Join us at one of our monthly meetings where you can learn more and get involved. Here we will connect you with one of our issue specific teams dedicated to working on what you care most about. If we don’t already have a team working on the issues you care most about, we can help you get one started.

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    Thursday, September 28, 2023 at 07:00 PM

    Blueprint for Maryland's Future

    https://assets.nationbuilder.com/progressivemaryland/pages/7905/attachments/original/1694551223/Cap.jpg?1694551223Learn how we are making Maryland’s schools better.

    Join us online for an exciting discussion about the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future.


    Find out what is in the Blueprint and what it means for our schools and communities. Connect with experts and get your qestions answered.


    The speakers are:

    Shamoyia Gardiner

    Executive Director of Strong Schools Maryland.


    Frank Patinella,

    Senior Public Policy Advocate for ACLU of Maryland

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