About Frederick County Progressives

Frederick County Progressives is a new, non-party affiliated, volunteer-run political group in Frederick dedicated to organizing around important issues in our city and county. We are open to anyone seeking to create change on the local and state levels, as well as partner with a variety of other groups to target issues on the national level. We are unique in that we are the only independent progressive group specifically for Frederick residents, and this allows us to focus on the issues people in Frederick care about as well as being able to work across party lines.

Some of our issues

  • Establishing a living wage for everyone.
  • Earned sick leave for all workers
  • Expanded healthcare with a single-payer system
  • Protecting the environment in Maryland and nationally
  • Protecting the rights of everyone, including:
    • Immigrants and racial minorities
    • Gender and sexual minorities
    • Women and children
  • Police Reform
  • Ensuring fair and open elections
  • Education and empowerment for progressive candidates

Progressive Maryland:

We are a chapter of Progressive Maryland,  a statewide nonprofit advocacy organization that promotes social, economic, and racial justice. Along with more than 120,000 members, it leads the fight for progressive change throughout the state using grassroots organizing, public education, and legislative advocacy. As a chapter, we receive resources that we wouldn't have access to otherwise as well as the support of and the opportunity to support progressives in neighboring counties. You can learn more, donate, and become a member at ProgressiveMaryland.org.