Frederick Turkey Drive 2017 Wrap Up

That's a wrap on Frederick Turkey Drive 2017!
So how'd we do?

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Candidate info for the 2017 Frederick City Election


Greetings, Progressives!


As part of our election work, we’ve taken the time to aggregate information about the candidates in the Frederick City elections this Tuesday, November 7th. (Polls are open 7 am - 8 pm.)


The first section is a table of candidate details.  We assembled it via the usual online searches, etc.


The second section represents candidate responses to a list of issues we sent to them for comment.  The candidates had about two weeks to respond and there was no word limit.  We are forwarding them unedited.  Not all of the candidates responded, but all of them who did are included.


In many ways we view this exercise - as well as the election itself - as practice for the 2018 Elections (which are probably the most important of our lifetimes).  As such:


We would like to ask that you not only vote, but commit to bringing AT LEAST one other person to the polls with you to ensure a maximum progressive turnout.


In the coming years, this kind of force-multiplication strategy will be critical to getting candidates of both parties to listen to your view on the issues that you care about.  


Thank you for getting involved!



The FCP Leadership Committee

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